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What? Why? and Who am I?


Fun and Excitement:
Important to me personally as much as they are important to the ADHD brain.

These can be priorities in your working life, and I make that happen.

ADHD is becoming increasingly diagnosed in people.  It is a condition that is here to stay and it can be a huge asset to the world.  It's simply part of who many people are.

When we are encouraged to be ourselves, and taught how to be human (and by the way, humans love fun!), we have the power to solve every problem the world could possibly face.

The World Needs You to be You.

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I empower people by giving them the tools to build careers and workplaces that tap into the exciting potential of human individuality and see ADHD as an asset. 

Through speaking, coaching and the books that I write, I educate those around me to understand and value ADHD, as well as to express their true selves drawing inspiration from evolution & ecology.

And finally I feel very strongly about helping people make the boring stuff fun!


ADHD is seen as just another equally valuable part of humanity.

Careers that benefit the world & give people purpose, joy, and fun!

Workplaces that foster trust, flexibility and inspiring leadership.

Learning how to be oneself being a core part of the education curriculum. 

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Hey, I'm Sam

2014 was when I first started to wonder what was wrong with me.  I wasn't satisfied with the sorts of jobs that were on offer.  So many of them felt uninspiring, monotonous, and I couldn't do them for longer than 2 years before I had to change to a new career.

2017 I learned that I could train in and get paid to both speak my thoughts on stage, and help others figure out their life dreams! 

Get paid to do the speaking and exploring with people that I had so often been chastised for in school and work? Sign me up!

But I still struggled to focus and figure out how to make it work.

2023, after a couple more failed career attempts, with coaching and speaking still burning in the back of my mind, I make the un-surprising discovery that I in fact have been suffering from undiagnosed ADHD.  Official diagnosis 2024.

I originally studied to be a zoologist. The main thing that I took away from zoology is what I learned about us, the human animal.

In my time throughout various jobs & careers, including research, animal care, retail, events & various roles in education (and also my experience with ADHD diagnosis), my main takeaway is the amazing variety and aptitude for change that we humans have.

We are creatures of creativity, exploration, co-operation and storytelling.  We want to have value. We want to grow. We want to belong.

My experience with various careers has meant that I've turned my eye to what we can do to make careers and workplaces better for us humans.

Somewhere along the way, we forgot to teach everyone how to be human, how to create our own paths, and listen to our instincts.  We can create careers and workplaces that enable this missing part of the education system.  That's what I work to achieve.




Random Facts About Me

  • I love dragons (hence my logo!) I’ve always identified with them, they're friggin cool!  They have all the freedom in the world and others think they're amazing for it.  I aspire to that.

  • Despite my love of Dragons, I have been known to be a mermaid at times…

  • As a teen, I was into the Rock music, Goth & Emo scene and I'm still a massive nerd.  My teenage years were spent singing in bands, playing video games & drawing manga.

  • I like movement.  I've dabbled in dance and parkour in my time and I long for the day when I can sum up the motivation and focus to truly commit to the practices

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  • Along with my degree in Zoology, I also have a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education, the degree level recognised teaching qualification in the UK).  

  • I grew up backstage at the English National Opera House in London.  My earliest memories are of Wagners Ring Cycle (you'd know the music if you heard it).  I can sing pretty well, though probably not opera singer level.

  • For those of you who like the personality tests I am:

    • Myers-Briggs

      • ENFP (A)

    • Gretchen Rubin 4 Tendancies

      • Rebel​

    • DISC assessment

      • High I/D

    • Gallup Strength Finder Index:

      • Individualization

      • Ideation

      • Self Assured

      • Activator

      • Relator

    • The Big 5:​​

My Big 5 Test Score.png
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