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ADHD Resources


On this page, I've gathered together a bunch of resources on ADHD for your information.

I will continue to add to this as I find more reputable things.

To the best of my knowledge everything here is either peer-reviewed or my own experience

ADHD Self-Report Scale

This was created by the World Health Organization and some psychiatrists in order to help people decide for themselves whether or not they think they have ADHD.

For some people, just something like this is enough and do not want to seek a medical diagnosis.  

For others, if the score high, they might want to use this to approach their doctors for diagnosis.

Across is a picture of just the questionnaire, below is a link to download the full document complete with peer-reviewed references on how it was created and further guidance.

ADHD self report scale.jpg
ADHD Evidence Project image.jpg

This website is dedicated to bringing together all the medical a peer-reviewed evidence there is out there for ADHD

It's great to look through if you're interested in learning more 

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