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The Book


Throughout my various forms of education, from zoology and evolution to teaching and coaching, I learned how much of a big deal identity is to us human beings.

So much of our media, especially the media directed at kids, places a lot of emphasis on discovering and trusting who you are.  But where are children taught this in schools?

Human behaviour is mostly made up of learned behaviour (with a few instincts thrown in for self-preservation), so if we're not taught the skill of self-discovery, how are we supposed to do it?

I wrote this book to answer that question.

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While I was training as a coach, I learned many tools and techniques to help people explore what they really wanted for their lives.

I distilled identity down into 3 sections:

  • Abstract concepts that you place value on

  • Your connection to the people and animals in your life that you care about

  • Your hobbies and interests

Part one of my book provides exercises for you to figure out what these are.

I have a free download of the values exercise (plus an extra) to help you get started in your identity journey here:

The rest you'll have to find out for yourself:

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