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Need a plan?

Do you have an idea for something you want to achieve but are pretty clueless on how to get there? 


Sounds like you need a breakthrough session!

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In one Breakthrough Session, we will:

  • Look at your deep why for this goal (important on those dark days when you need to dig deep for that motivation).

  • Take your overall goal, give it a realistic time frame and break it down into stepping-stone goals.  You couldn't climb to the top of a ladder with only one rung.  We will put the extra rungs in the ladder for you to get you to the top.

  • Look at what your obstacles are and ways to get around them when they crop up.

  • Find the options available to move you forward.

  • Work out how you can stay accountable in achieving your goal.

After your Breakthrough Session, you will feel:

  • Relieved to know that it's all possible.

  • Prepared to tackle the things holding you back.

  • Motivated to get started.

  • Excited that you finally have the game plan you need to begin!

Usually, these sessions take about 1 hour, but I like to put 1 and a half hours aside just in case we really get into some detail.​

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