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Congratulations Your Zoo is a Roaring Success!


Well done for running your zoo for a month, you did a great job.

But wouldn't it be even more amazing if your animals were running free out in the wild?

What if we re-wild your business zoo into a business ECOSYSTEM?!

You've been promoted!


You are no longer a business Zookeeper.


You're now a business Ranger!

Your next steps are to decide exactly what parts of your business you need to assign to which animal, and also you might want to think at this point which animals you want to represent the different parts of your business.

I have my business ecosystem printed out on my wall that I illustrated myself, it looks like this:

An extra step that I put in to make my board more engaging is the feeding of my animals.

As you can see here, my otter has loads of fish around him, that's to represent that I've done 4 things this week that Otter looks after. 

This adds a whole new layer into the visuals of the board that I encourage you to play around with

If you're interested in purchasing this board for yourself, it can be found at my shop:

You can also find printouts, both downloadable and physical, of the animals you see here if you want to use my animals and design your board yourself.

I have more animal designs on the way, and more ways to use the animals, such as journal stickers, coming soon.

"But wait I need more guidance!"

Don't worry, I got you covered!

I have a range of sessions to help you develop your own Ecosystem Business Set Up:

1. The Ecosystem Business Set-Up

In this 1 hour session, we will figure out exactly what parts of your business you need to track, and using my expert zoology knowledge combined with your preferences, we'll decide exactly what animals to use, and even different formats for your set-up.


A pin board on the wall like mine for example.  Or getting this into your journal.  Maybe this is a great way to use some of those jars you've been hoarding?  There are loads of options!

2. The Ecosystem Business Set-Up + a board & animals of your choice from my shop

Same as above, but you also get your pick of pin boards (up to 3), your choice of animals (up to 9) or stickers, from my shop included in with you session sent straight to you

3. The Ecosystem Business Set-Up + animals selected by your drawn by me!

This is the same as option 1, but we will go into a lot more depth of which animals you would like to have in your set up. 


We will then collaborate on what reference pictures for your selected animals you like the best and I will draw each one for you in the same style as the animals already in my shop. 


These hand-drawn animals will sent right to you alone with pin boards or stickers depending on your preference.

Email me at to enquire and book

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