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Results People have had Working with Me

Sam Testimonial.png

Sam G. - New Zealand Explorer

“One of my biggest concerns going into coaching was opening myself up, knowing that there would probably be some difficult home truths to deal with about my life; but Samantha was so easy to talk to that I actually found it wasn’t hard to open up at all.  She really believed in me and my dreams, and enabled me to find a way to make them happen, I felt totally at ease to start making changes.

Working with Samantha has totally changed my life! I jacked in my job and I’m moving to the other side of the world.  I’ve also started listening to myself and trusting my gut more.

I would recommend Samantha to literally anyone, though mostly to people having any doubts about anything in their life, even a niggling question in the back of their head. But anyone could benefit from time with her.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Laura M.
Instructor Turned Counsellor

"I’d been talking about making a career change and becoming a counsellor for a long time, it’s my dream!  But never actually took many actions toward it. Since starting my coaching sessions with Samantha though, I have now made big steps towards that dream!  I’m enrolled and due to start next month on a counselling course, and in the meantime, I’ve been motivated to read books and look at YouTube videos to help me prepare, something I never thought I had the time to do!

Working with Samantha has made me think in a new way. The questions she asked me are now questions that I can ask myself and it helps me to sort out so many problems, even something as mundane as planning an outing. I’ve benefited in becoming more disciplined and overall it’s made me a lot more positive about my life and the future.

How passionate Samantha was about my goal and helping me reach my dream was a game changer! I would 100% without a doubt recommend Samantha and her services to absolutely anyone and everyone. Whether it’s looking to change career, lose weight and get fit or improve their life, I know Samantha can help."

Jess Test Pic.jpg

Jessica K.
Self Discovery Extraordinaire

"I've done several sessions with Samantha and covered a variety of topics from my
work to my family life and relationships. I was initially a little sceptical about how much of a real impact coaching would have on my life but was open-minded and willing to do the work.  I'm so glad I was!
Samantha was welcoming and reassuring. She explained the process and significance of each exercise undertaken, which really helped.
I found the sessions enlightening from the beginning. Working on and understanding my values and what’s important to me gave me such a realisation of what works for me and why. It has allowed me to make changes in my life that were so simple but very effective in making me happier overall.
I still now go back to my core values that I discovered with Samantha's help and repeat the exercises to understand the shifts in my values and how this needs to be reflected in my life.
I’ve gone from not knowing what I wanted out of my work life, and starting on a salary
of £20,000 to now being on £39,000 in just a few years, and growing!

I’ve gone from struggling in my romantic life to knowing what I was looking for in a partner, and also what I could and couldn't compromise on as it would impact my happiness.

I've also learned about setting firm boundaries which has enabled me to maintain close and positive bonds with my loved ones."

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