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All of my talks are based in the concept that there is great power in embracing yourself, the individual, and the great variety that you have experienced in your life.

Our own evolution as human beings is an often overlooked part of our modern day identities.  I will introduce your audience to how considering this can be a game changer in both their success and the succes of those that they lead and work with.

Using my own experiences in the variety of careers I've trained in, my ADHD, and my ever-broadening list of exploits, I present talks on the following topics:

Corporate - themed

General Interest

School/College/ University - themed

  • How to get the best work from the younger generations

  • Making your workplace ADHD friendly

  • Dungeons and Dragons and Leadership

  • The power in your individual brand of leadership

  • Recognising and Embracing the individual strengths of your team

  • Being Human.   How our evolution still shapes who you are

  • What the world really needs is for you to be you.

  • Understanding yourself is the key to unshakable self confidence.

  • Lessons from ADHD in self esteem.

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship & portfolio careers.

  • ADHD study skills that can benefit anyone.

  • How your degree will fuel any profession.

  • How learning to take responsibility for yourself will set you up for success

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