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Understanding your own personal brand of ADHD 

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This session is designed to help you understand your own personal brand of ADHD.


The society we live in has sets of guidelines on how to live life that aren’t suitable to help people with ADHD thrive. 


You don’t have to follow these rules.  You can make your own.  You were just never taught how.


We will discuss:


  • Your Symptoms

    • What strengths does ADHD give you?

  • How your energy works

    • What things drain your energy

    • What things give you energy

    • How to use this information to make your life easier

  • Lifestyle changes

    • What social rules are you following that don’t actually work for you?

    • How can you change these things to fit around you?


You will go away with a strong idea of how to work with your ADHD and create a much easier life.

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