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What Now?


So, you've realised that the thing you've been dedicating your life to isn't actually the right thing for you. 

That's great, but what on earth do you do that realisation?


You need a What now? Session

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In one What Now? Session we will cover:

  • Discussing the things that matter to you, the things you want to see more of in your life going forward. Money? Freedom? Professional Fullfilment?  It’s different for everyone, we’ll find what works for you.

  • Your academic, vocational and recreational history has taught you powerful lessons in life. We’ll apply them to your next steps.

You will leave this session feeling inspired and motivated knowing that everything you’ve done in your life so far will now propel you forward.​

Usually, these sessions take about 1 hour, but I like to put 1 and a half hours aside just in case we really get into some detail.​

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